8 Reasons Why You Should Whiten Your Smile Before the Holidays

October 31, 2018 - 8 minutes read

With Halloween just around the corner, the holiday season is almost here. Before you start Christmas shopping for your family, start thinking about how you will shop for yourself this holiday season. Before the social events hit and the holiday season is in full swing, consider whitening your smile. With a smile brighter than snow, you can expect to have a great holiday season and have your smile ready for the next year. Discover why you should whiten your smile before the holidays at Dayton Valley Dental Care in Dayton Valley.

1. The Holiday Season is Filled with Social Events

One of the first reasons why you should whiten your smile before the holidays is because the holidays are always filled with plenty of social events. These might include Thanksgiving with your friends and family, Christmas dinners, work holiday parties, friend parties, and even New Year’s Eve parties. If you want to look and feel your best at all of these events, you should start with your smile. Once your smile is whitened, you will feel an increase in self-confidence which you can wear proudly with your best suit or prettiest dress. The best accessory you can wear this holiday season is a bright and white smile.

2. You Will Look Great in Holiday Cards

Most people take their holiday card photos at least a month before Christmas to ensure for enough time for printing and sending the cards out. If you want to look great in your holiday card this year, you should whiten your smile. A simple teeth whitening procedure can shave years off your appearance, and help you show off your beautiful smile. Proudly send off your holiday cards knowing how great you look. Your friends and family will want to know your secret to look so great in your holiday photos this year and you can tell them it’s all about the whitened teeth.

3. Your Friends and Family Back Home Will Be Envious

The holiday season is usually a reason to go visit family and friends you haven’t seen in ages, especially if you no longer live in your hometown. Of course, during these visits with old friends and families, you catch up with each other’s lives and there’s usually complimenting on each other’s appearance. Instead of changing it up with a new hairstyle or cut, wow your friends and family with a brighter smile. A white smile is going to be one of the first things a person notices about you. With a white smile this holiday season, you can have your friends and family gleaming with envy. You can tell them your secret so they can have a confident and smile just like you.

4. You Will Be Prepared for Holiday Parties

Usually, when we hear a word that our company is throwing a holiday party, the first question we ask is what will I wear? Instead of focusing on your outfit, take some time to think about your smile. Not only will whitening your smile help you look great at holiday parties, but it’s also the accessory you can wear year long. Your smile will always look picture perfect. This can help you feel more confident which might help you receive that promotion you want or ask that person you like on a date.

5. Teeth Whitening is Inexpensive

Most patients in Dayton Valley are unaware of how inexpensive a professional teeth whitening treatment actually is. In addition, we can complete a teeth whitening treatment in one visit or with a take-home kit. This means that you don’t have to spend weeks using a product waiting for a whiter smile, we can help you achieve it during your lunch break. Professional whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments out there, and not to mention, they last longer. Before you grab the whitening strips on the shelf at the store, consider how long those will actually last and if they will deliver the results you want. Professional teeth whitening will give you the results you want for a fair price.

6. Your Smile Will Have a Jump Start on New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make a New Year’s Resolution that has something to do with their appearance. If your teeth have always been on your list, get a jump start on next year’s New Year’s Resolution and whiten your smile now. That way, when the new year rolls around, you can focus on your other goals because you completed this one early. What are you waiting for? Your whiter smile is waiting for you!

7. A Whiter Smile Will Enhance Your Self-Confidence

Feeling confident is a great feeling, especially when people are always in the mood to take pictures. If you’ve been feeling a bit unphotogenic or find yourself hiding your smile a lot, a tooth whitening treatment can help you gain the confidence you need to feel confident in pictures and in your daily life. Increasing your confidence can help you achieve goals that might have been held back by your lack of confidence. There’s only one way to find out, get a tooth whitening treatment.

8. Almost Everyone is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening

Before you write off excuses not to whiten your teeth before the holidays, you should know that most patients are a good candidate for teeth whitening. We recommend that patients have good dental health, are absent of gum disease and don’t have many restorations in their mouth. If your teeth are yellowed or stained, a tooth whitening treatment in Dayton Valley can benefit you. Stop making excuses, see if tooth whitening is the right option for you.

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