Benefits of Root Canals

March 28, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Let us just begin this look at the benefits of root canals with a simple defense of them. After all, at Dayton Valley Dental Care in Dayton, NV, we know that many patients fear the very idea of this essential treatment. Yet, if you are going to consider the many benefits of root canals it has to begin with the idea of pain – and we don’t mean that the treatment causes pain. No, the main benefit is that it ends pain. Not only that, because it is a form of restorative dentistry, and this means it allows you to begin using that tooth again and doing so without discomfort.

Is that it? No, as your dentist in Dayton, we are going to suggest a root canal because a tooth is in trouble. Endodontics is the area of dentistry dealing with the pulp or interior of a tooth. Our endodontist is going to encourage a root canal simply because you will lose the tooth without it. Clearly, this too has to rate as one of the best benefits of root canals – they can spare you the loss of an adult tooth. This is far more serious than most realize. The loss of a tooth can trigger a chain reaction of harmful events that can lead to damage, jaw pain and more.

Remember too, when counting the benefits of root canals, it also important to consider how the pain of serious infection alters your bite pattern. Everyone knows the pain that occurs when a decayed tooth is used. For those in need of a root canal, biting down on an infected tooth is remarkably painful, and it causes you to begin chewing differently. This quickly wears the surrounding teeth and can expose them to harm and decay, too.

Finally, most root canal treatments are finished with a high quality dental crown. This improves the looks of the smile and offers a very natural appearance.

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