Dental Implants Overview

January 10, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Losing a tooth is a very troubling issue, and yet we might not even think about the consequences that follow. After all, we can lose adult teeth for many reasons, and once that tooth is gone, we might believe that dentures (or living with a gap in our teeth) are the only options. However, there are also dental implants, and they are a remarkably valuable form of restorative dentistry that we are glad to offer at Dayton Valley Dental Care in Dayton, NV.

The Many Benefits of Implant Dentistry

No matter how or why you may have lost one or more permanent teeth, their absence can cause great changes in your mouth. These changes can lead to further problems, and this can lead to even greater issues. Let’s just look at this matter through the loss of a single tooth.

For our example, we will say that you suffered severe tooth decay and did not get a root canal but opted to have the tooth extracted to end all of the pain and discomfort. There is now a gap between the remaining teeth and also inside the gum tissue. This has created laxity in your remaining teeth, and they will shift. These slight shifts have caused the alignment of your bite (where the teeth meet in your mouth), and this can lead to teeth becoming chipped or cracked, experiencing decay, and even issues with the jaw. Some people even find themselves grinding their teeth or having symptoms of TMJ after losing just one tooth.

Additionally, the missing tooth no longer communicates with the jaw and gum tissue, and this causes everything to recede and shrink. This weakens the bone and can even change how you look or speak.

Now, with dental implants, all of these issues are erased.

How Dental Implants Work

This is because a dental implant is made in three parts – a shaft inserted into the bone and gum, an abutment at the top of the shaft and the new dental crown that serves as a functional tooth. These pieces eliminate any shifting or loosening and ensure that bone and gum tissue remains. Your implant dentist will be sure you have adequate bone tissue for an implant, and even if there is a problem, a graft can be used to achieve success.

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