Porcelain Fixed Bridges Overview

May 17, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Dental bridges are one of the most familiar forms of restorative dentistry. They are exactly as their name describes, and work like a bridge that closes the gap between two teeth. One of the most common ways this treatment is offered is in the form of porcelain fixed bridges, and at Dayton Valley Dental Care in Carson, NV or dental bridge specialist can offer you this highly effective kind of treatment.

What Is Involved?

As your restorative dentist in Carson, our team is ready to provide patients with everything they need to receive porcelain fixed bridges. You qualify for this treatment if you are missing one or more adult teeth, and if the teeth on either side of the gap are in good shape. Why do you need a good tooth on each side of the gap? It is these teeth that work as abutments. Just like a real-world bridge is built on two very stable foundations at either end, dental bridges are fixed into place using two very stable teeth.

The teeth should be healthy and without decay. They should not be at risk for requiring a root canal in the future, because that might mean they will be unable to take the pressures of a fixed bridge. However, many patients will have porcelain crowns placed on the abutment teeth, and this can alleviate a lot of the wear and tear that could cause damage to a tooth at a later point.

Of course, porcelain fixed bridges are still an option even if the teeth are not in ideal shape thanks to the availability of dental implants. Though this is a more extreme treatment, it is a good way to restore the mouth to its fullest use.

Porcelain fixed bridges can provide many years of use and service, especially if you are willing to obtain regular cleanings and checkups and perform the kind of hygiene that is required. Allowing you to eat, speak and look like normal, they could be the perfect solution to a few missing teeth.

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