Reasons you Should Consider Root Canals

March 24, 2018 - 8 minutes read

At Dayton Valley Dental Care, we have found that many of our patients try to avoid root canal treatment as much as possible due to the many misconceptions they have heard about them. Root canals are painful, root canals always fail, root canals cause infections. These are not true. There are many reasons patients should consider root canals as a treatment for their infected teeth instead of just having it pulled. Dr. Escobar recommends his patients keep as many of their natural teeth as possible due to the number of problems that comes with missing teeth. Continue reading to find out why we think you should consider root canals.

You Have Aggravated Tooth Decay

One of the top reasons patients should consider root canals if they have aggravated tooth decay. In other words, a cavity in their tooth has gotten out of control and it begins to release acids that start to eat away at your enamel. Without treatment, the situation grows to be more severe, causing deep decay instead of just minor tooth decay that is easy to treat. When deep decay occurs, your tooth runs the risk of becoming severely infected and simply just falling out. This is when you should consider root canals. A root canal will remove the infected pulp and decay in order to stop the infection from spreading. From there, your tooth will be saved and all pain will go away.

You Have a Tooth Fracture

Any sudden impact can cause your tooth to chip, crack or fracture. In some cases, a patient’s tooth will become so fractured that it goes deep enough to affect the nerves. When this happens, the tooth structure becomes damaged and a root canal will be necessary to save your tooth from becoming infected and falling out. You will also need to have a dental crown made to be placed on top of your tooth to protect any debris or bacteria from getting in and infecting your tooth. Dental crowns are a common restoration used following root canal treatment. Your dentist may also use a large filling or inlay and onlay following your root canal depending on the size of the treatment site.

You Have Tooth Pain or Sensitivity

One of the top symptoms something serious is going on in your mouth is severe pain or tooth sensitivity. In some cases, this can mean something as simple as receding gum lines with exposed roots. Worse case scenario, however, is that your tooth is infected from an untreated cavity and you will now need a root canal. Common pain symptoms include pain when chewing or sudden pressure or a sharp shooting pain in your tooth. You may also feel sensitivity to cold or hot food or drinks. All of these symptoms can easily be treated with a root canal treatment.

You Have had Procedures Repeated

Another common reason you should consider root canals is because your Dayton Valley dentist has performed repeat procedures on your tooth. This means they have performed multiple dental fillings on the same tooth. More than likely, if you have another issue or are experiencing any pain, your dentist will need to perform a root canal to protect your tooth once and for all.

Your Tooth Will Be Saved

The top reason you should consider root canals in Dayton Valley is that it will save your tooth. When you are given the choice of saving your natural tooth or having that tooth pulled and replaced with a subpar restorative dentistry treatment, you should always choose to save your tooth. If you have your tooth pulled, this will require you to receive a restoration to make up for the missing tooth. This includes a dental bridge, or dental implant with a crown, or even a partial denture. If you go down the root of dental bridge, this means you will no longer have a tooth root in the place where that tooth once was. This can cause the bone mass in your jaw to weaken and therefore cause premature aging in your face.

If you choose to have a dental implant with a dental crown, this can be quite an expensive procedure. In addition, the healing time can take months. In order to avoid the more expensive treatments and to do what is best for your dental health, you should consider root canals in Dayton Valley.

It’s Only One Procedure

Another reason you should consider dental implants at our Dayton Valley dentist office is that root canals are one simple procedure that will provide you with instant relief and results. Going the alternative route of having your tooth pulled with a restorative treatment will cause you weeks or months of time waiting for you to heal and for your restoration to be complete. Depending on the severity of your dental infection, your root canal will take one to two visits to complete with only a few days of healing time. You will no longer feel any pain or tooth sensitivity following the procedure and your smile will be as good as new immediately following. Not only are root canals more convenient for those of us who want immediate results, it makes more sense in the long run for your overall dental health.

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