Restorative Dentistry Overview

January 25, 2017 - 3 minutes read

We might easily take our teeth and gums for granted, and yet even the loss of a single tooth can cause great discomfort or trouble. When we live with ongoing dental pain, it too can cause harmful changes, and it is why we at Dayton Valley Dental Care in Dayton, NV encourage patients to understand the value of our restorative dentistry services.

The Basics on Restorative Dentistry

Unlike general or preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry exists to repair the working parts of the mouth once they have undergone any damage or decay. Even if an adult tooth has been entirely lost, our restorative dentist will have answers and solutions.

Typically, we see patients who require restorative work because they have broken or cracked a tooth or teeth, lost one or more teeth, or have been struggling with infected or damaged teeth and gums. Even if they are struggling with deteriorating teeth and gums, we have restorative options available.

A brief list of the different treatments that can be used restoratively would include:

Any of these treatments would be intended to provide you with the fullest use of the tooth or tissue. After all, we do see many patients who might change how they chew because of a missing tooth, and this can cause a chain reaction of harmful changes throughout the rest of the mouth. By replacing that missing tooth through a restorative dentistry treatment such as dental implants or a porcelain fixed bridge, we can restore full function to the mouth.

Of course, a major component of any restorative dental work is to address the need for general treatment, such as fillings or root canals. We begin your care by creating a plan that addresses such issues first. We also consider how to improve or correct your bite and even some cosmetic issues that might include eliminating old, non-functional or unattractive dental repairs. In the end, our goal is to restore your smile to its best appearance, allow you to eat and speak like normal, and live without any dental pain.

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